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Our business scope is not only the design of testing environment, the equipment and system sales, but also the maintenance and correction of instruments.


Ensure that your EMC test equipment-traceable calibration metrology

Today's international standards are becoming increasingly stringent, and metrology calibration becomes more and more important, and how compliance with standards for performing qualified testing depends on testing and measuring equipment performance for traceable verification.
TheRichtec Technology Calibration Laboratory provides calibration metrology services traceable to international and national standards and complying with ISO 17025 guidelines to meet your needs. We can correct any brand or manufacturer's EMC device.


Complete after-sales service

Absolutely let your test use without any worries as a sales operator for many years in the EMC field, we can ensure that your product complies fully with technical requirements and legal specifications. Lino Technology engineers have comprehensive testing and calibration capabilities to ensure equipment quality and non-use. In accordance with the size of the equipment to be measured or the structure of complex surface to provide field service. Whether it's the installation and training of new equipment, or service support for specific test needs and applications, just dial our phone to get real-time help. We will provide you with EMC test equipment calibration services in accordance with relevant standards and traceable to international or national standards. Our Instrument maintenance/calibration services include maintenance and upgrades of existing equipment to the latest standard requirements. Follow EMC standards. We can provide you with any EMC technical support in product development, including power and grounding concepts, to ensure that you adhere to the key guidelines for EMC design throughout the development process, thus avoiding the loss of redesign.

Equipment rental services

Rental equipment to meet the requirements of temporary testing.

Do you have an urgent test requirement and no suitable test equipment available?

You may face unplanned emergency testing requirements, and purchasing compliant test equipment is often a complex and lengthy process. In this case, we will be able to provide you with test equipment for short-term rental services to solve your immediate problem! Of course, we provide rental equipment with the same quality as the new equipment, in order to ensure the performance of rental equipment, we will be regularly measured and calibrated to make it fully comply with international standards and Directive requirements. We will recommend the most suitable test plan according to your testing needs.

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